Buddha Footprints nearby Khaole Temple

Buddha Footprints at Wat Khaole Koh Samui

This Buddha Footprint is located on the small hill next to Khaole Temple , southern part of Koh Samui. Does not have clearly evidence when this place was built, but said that more than 100 years ago.

Once in the year 1888 (on Saturday 1st September 1888) King Rama V of Thailand went to visit this place.

Said by Luangpo Job Ruengrot, “Lungpoo Petch Tisso was the person who built the Buddha Footprint from another place of Thailand, (maybe in the middle of Thailand. ) And then just took the Buddha Footprint to this temple later after he and another 2 monks name Luangpoo Petch Wachiro and Pra Chaya Piwatsupattarasangkapamok (Jao Khoon Noo) went to the north of Thailand and Myanmar for Buddhist Pilgrimage during the year 1877-1887”

And Lungpoo Petch Tosso, built this temple later for the place for doing meditation.

The Buddha Footprint has 4 layers from small to bigger in the same footprint.

Actually, this place is not much popular to visit because it is quite in the jungle. But if you would like to visit, just book private car with driver, or private van for the bigger group or private jeep for visiting more places in the mountain area. Then the driver will take you to see this place.

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