Koh Samui is the tropical coconut island which has many beautiful beaches. Many activities that the tourists can do here, for example, around the island tour, elephant trekking tour, Jungle Safari Tour.

Adventure / Exciting

Some trips are very exciting and good for the person who love adventure. Let’s see which one you like to do.

Afternoon Activities

If you arrive at Koh Samui in the morning would like to make the trip in the afternoon, there are some thing to so such as Sunset Snorkeling at Koh Taen or the Coral Island. Or Dinner Trips

Animal Loving Trip

If you want to see the elephant but do not want to ride on them, just do Samui Elephant Sanctuary Trip. But if you want to try elephant riding tour just do it, it is interesting, do not worry, all elephants will be treated very well in their camp.

Culture Tour

Culture Tour or Temple Tour you can combine with the city tour in Koh Samui by Priavte Car Trip or even the Jungle Safari Tour will also stop in some temples.

Fishing Trip

We can provide the trip for fishing, that going like the local fisherman in Koh Samui for one day trip.

Day Fishing Trip nearby Koh Samui
6% Off
THB 1,600.00 THB 1,500.00

Night Fishing Trip Koh Samui
5% Off
THB 1,900.00 THB 1,800.00


Hiking in Koh Samui is not much interesting like to go to another island. Angthong National Marine Park has Wuatalab Island that the top view is very beautiful, or another place is Koh Nangyaun also beautiful too.

Learning Cooking Thai Food

If you like to have experience with the cooking, we also have cooking class that has many manu to choose to learn, and also have some trip that has cooking activity in the part of program

Raining Day Activities

Raining day in Koh Samui you still can do some activities. Let’s try to do our private car at disposal to do shopping tour, doing Thai Massage in local massage shop at Chaweng Center area. Also you can visit Art Samui Museum or 3D Art Gallery. All of there places to go, you will not get wet on the rainy day.

Relaxing Trip

Most of tours in Hoh Samui will be full day, but also have half day and less than half day too. Such as sunset dinner cruise by Red Baron Junk Boat, or Mini Adventure Tour by Namuang Jungle Trip.


Sightseeing trip you can visit the places inside Koh Samui and nearby islands, such as Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, Koh Nangyuan, Angthong National Marine Park, Koh Taen (Coral Island), koh Madsum.