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Don Master Tailor Koh Samui for suit made

Some tourists who came to Koh Samui would like to have a suit made or some new shirts or dresses. And in Koh Smui there are a lot of Tailor shop along the road of Chaweng beach. And people always asked us which one is good. So, we would like to recommend you to have a suit made at DON MASTER TAILOR.

Mr.Don The Tailor Shop Owner

Don Master Tailor, established in 1997, has built its reputation on the devotion of Don to service his customers from all across the world, always committed to produce finest suits, dresses. shirts, trousers, winter jackets and many more one-of-a-kind pieces to more than 2,000 customers each year.

Don Master Tailor Shop in Koh Samui

Perfect bespoke tailoring can make you feel just right. Not only does your custom made outfit perfectly fit and flatter your figure, but also makes a strong personal statement. Something that few off-the -shelf, ill-fitting clothes can do. With prices set much lower than that of brand label clothes, so custom tailoring is a practicality and not an indulgence.

Don Master Tailor Shop Front

Coming to Koh Samui for your holidays! With its beaches and smiling people always worth an unforgettable vacation treat and business matters should not become present too often. With its well-reputed services, Thailand has a global reputation for quality bespoke tailoring. Don, founder and owner of Don Master Tailor in Koh Samui will make your visit part of your holidays.

Don Master Tailor Koh Samui

Among the many tailor shops in Samui, Don Master Tailor is at the top of the line. The services with a smiling face while you are measured for an exceptional new wardrobe that is completely original and unique to you.

Don Master Tailor inside the shop

Don Master Tailor stocks so many fabrics ranging from affordable to exclusive. Few bespoke tailors offer such a wide selection on the spot…in the array of fabrics such as silk and and cashmere, wool, cotton, satin and others. Having custom tailored suits for professional men and women since 1997, the business has set itself a reputation that stretches seamlessly across its increasing customer stock around the world.

Don Master Tailor Shop Koh Samui

Don Master Tailor carry out fittings, make alterations and take new orders, giving customers the opportunity to expand their wardrobes and refresh old suits. Customers tend to stay for life. They appreciate the sophisticated tailoring and individualized attention they can take for granted at Don Master Tailor.

Don Master Tailor has free pick-up service to visit the shop or to have a suit made

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