Guan Yu Shrine Koh Samui

Guan Yu Shrine Koh Samui
Guan Yu Shrine Koh Samui
Guan Yu Shrine Koh Samui

Guan Yu Shrine at Koh Samui was built about year 2016 The statue is 16 meters high. This this the hiest Guan Yu statue in Thailand.

The shrine is located at Huathanon village, south of Koh Samui

Guan Yu (160AD-219 AD), known as Yunchang, was born in the regoin of Xiezhou of Hedong (a Sub-district of present day of Yuncheng, Shanxi Province) and become a renowned generald during the Three Kingdom era of China.

Due to his outstanding civil and military talent as well as his virtues of loyalty and righteousness, he has been revered as a God of War, and worshipped as bodhisattva in Mahayana Buddhism and as a guardian deity in Taoism.

Lionized as prominent example of Chenese civilization, his influences nowextend national boundaries to Chinese communities all over the world and even the cultures across time and space.

Since his death, a large number of Chinese peoplehave respected him due to his hight outstanding profile ofintegrity and worshipped him as one of the Gods from grassroots through the emperors. He has been embeded him into the memory of the Chinese people for his five moral characteristics :

  • Honesty
  • Loyalty & Grateful
  • Constancy
  • Ethical Behavior 1
  • Bravery and courage
Front of the shrine there are some local restaurants.
Also there is the hotel name Tang Ren Hotel

To visit this place you can come with the join trip of Major Safari Tour Program B (no animal activities on the trip), or you can come with our private car tour with the driver 5 hours. Or with the private car at disposal minimum 3 hours trip.

Another option, you may visit this place with Koh Samui Unknown Charm (With Elephant Trekking) / Koh Samui Unknown Charm (No Elephant Trekking)

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