Koh Madsum (Pigs Island) and its beautiful beach.

Koh Madsum or Pigs Island

Koh Madsum is tiny and lovely island. It is located south of Koh Samui and close to Koh Taen (Coral Island)

From the beach here we can see Koh Samui.

We can go to Koh Madsum by long tail boat of the trip that always stop here to relax on the pure white sandy beach.

Koh Madsum beach and pigs
Koh Madsum beach and pigs

When you come on this island, you will be surprised that some pigs are living here. They came from Koh Taen, they swam cross the sea to live on this island.

Kayaking activity

The activity here is the kayaking, you can rent it from the bar on the beach, 300 Baht per kayak.

Stroll along the beach

Or you just stroll along the beach, or swimming here.

Bar on Madsum Island
Bar on Madsum Island

The beach bar on the island serves food and drinks. So, the island here it is not allowed to bring our own food or drink to get in the island.

Koh Madsum (Pigs Island)

So, let’s come to visit this island some day when you stay in Koh Samui.


Also there are many trips go to visit Pigs Island you can see below.

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Kayaking & Snorkeling Trip Koh Taen – Koh Madsum by Long Tail Boat

Snorkeling Trip Koh Taen – Koh Madsum by Long Tail Boat

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