NaviGo Thailand

NaviGo Thailand Promo code is used for getting the 20% discount when you use the application of NaviGo Thailand. Promo Code is #blanco

NaviGo Thailand (Formely NaviGo Samui) established in the year 2016 by NaviGo company. NaviGo is the local people’s company in Koh Samui , is the application to call the taxi in Koh Samui. Long time ago Koh Samui had problem of the taxi that do not use meter. Sometimes the tourists were charged very expensive as they did not realize how much they should pay.

NaviGo Samui is cheaper fare application. You can see the approximately total fare before you go. Safety application that you can see the detail of the driver that you went with in case of any problems.

Now we have the Promo Code for you to get 20% for the first time after you download this application. The Promo Code is #blanco

This Promo Code you can put it on the 2nd page before confirming the driver. And below this is showing how to install and activate the application and how to use the Promo Code #blanco

From Play Store just search for Navigo Thailand Application and you will find it like this.

Click install application and it will redirect to Create New Account page.
Fill your detail to create the new account
Fill your detail and then click “Create New account”
The application will send you the email to activate your new account.
Check your email and then click ACTIVATE ACCOUNT
Come back to application and then log in with your username : email that you registered, and your password that you have set.
The app will ask you to allow to open your location
Then you can use NaviGo Application. The app will automatic detect the place where you are, if the automatic detected is not correct, you just type it, and also put the place where you want to go. Then the app will show the approximately fare and how many drivers nearby you. Then you click Next (If you have more than 4 people in your group just choose NaviPlus or NaviVan
It will come this page , put amount of your group and put the Promo Code #blanco (always put # and continue with blanco)
Then App will show that you get 20% discount.  Then click confirm booking and wait for the driver about 5 – 15 minutes up to availability of drivers at that time.

Please note that this Promo Code you can use just one time at the first ride. (If you don’t put at the first ride, you will not able to use this code on the next ride)
Good Luck ! And have a pleasant stay in Koh Samui Thailand.