Octopus Statue on Baan Tai Beach Koh Samui

Octopus Statute at Baan Tai Beach Koh Samui

Octopus statute at Baan Tai Beach Koh Samui is the new landmark for the tourists who want to find the unseen places in Koh Samui. It was built in the year 2015

The entrance of Baan Tai Beach to see the Octupus Statue

The highlight of this place is the dominant octopus statue on the sand dune nearby the canal of Baan Tai Beach area.

Dominant Octopus statue looking from Baan Tai Beach
Octopus statue looking from another side that we can see Baan Tai Beach
Baan Tai Canal and view of Belmond Napasai Hotel

Behide the octopus statue is Baan Tai canal and the villas behind belong to Belmond Napasai Hotel. You will see local people with their boats going out to catch the fish later afternoon.

Baan Tai Canal

Baan Tai Canal was dig wider a few years ago. It is thw way out for the fiherman boats of local people who stay in this area. You can see the small jetty here.

We can see Koh Phangan from here too.

There are a lot of tables and chairs to sit znd enjoy the sunset view here. In the night it is not too dark because there is a solar cell light in the area.

The Pavilion

There is a pavilion to escape the rain in case of raining. However, the restrooms behind this pavilion are always locked, if you need to go, we recommend you to go to Bangjak Petrol Station on the main road, clean restrooms there. (Bangjak Petrol station is about 2 kilometers long from Baan Tai Beach)

It is also be the romantic place for some locals and see the sunset.

Sunset , taking picture through the octopus statute.

A frindly doggie is sitting there to be your frind sometimes.

Private Car Transfer in Koh Samui
Private Car Transfer and Private Car at Disposal in Koh Samui

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