Sitca Cooking Class Koh Samui

SITCA : Samui Institute of Thai Culinary Arts was established in 1999 by Thai master chef Roongfa Sringam and Martin Amada, an American media producer and food entrepreneur. The two met while working in the island’s hospitality industry.

SITCA’s hands-on cooking classes for visitors to the island. Soon after, with the ever growing popularity of Thai food growing worldwide, there came a demand for hands-on intensive training for cooks and chefs who wanted to delve more deeply into the cuisine. To accommodate this, SITCA developed a unique curriculum designed for foreign culinary professionals and keen amateurs.

SITCA occupies a 300 square meter purpose built facility with two teaching kitchens. A dining room, and a retail shop. It has earned an international reputation as a learning center where non Thais can acquire hands-on experience. And training with a level of detail and personalized attention that is offered nowhere else in the world.

SITCA : Samui Institute of Thai Culinary Arts also teach Fruit and vegetable carving

For the cooking class, SITCA has the morning and afternoon class from Monday to Saturday. So, below this is the schedule of the cooking class on each day, morning and afternoon. Each cooking class will accept maximum 10 people to attend. We recommend you to book as early as possible, in other words, the class will be full.

The class will cost 1850 Baht per person. Have to book at least 1 day in advance. And you can eat your cooked food after finish the class. The class will not have the transfer service. However, if you need a transfer please call us or send message via WhatsApp to : +66 90 589 2269

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