TAT License Number 33/08533

Our services by car transfer is legal according to the Law of Department of Land Transport of Thailand. The green number plate, white letters of number plate start with ณข xxx, that can use for tourist transfer services and tours.

Our vans (minibuses) are yellow Number Plate the number plate start with number 30 – xxxx.   This van (minibus) have insurance covered for the transportation for tourists.

Excursions that we choose to sell in our website are standard supplier companies that all of them have insurance covered in case of accident too.

All of excursions you can pay all immediately by credit card  (via Paypal link in our website) You can ensure that we will not keep any information of your credit card number. 

If you cannot pay by credit card, you just book in the inquiry form. Then we will send you the email of confirmation. And you can pay to us on the same day of the trip in cash in Thai Baht.

In case of the trip is cancelled of bad weather and you have paid already by card, we will refund it for you 100% We will refund it to you in cash at the hotel in Koh Samui. Or if you are not in Koh Samui, we will refund it to your card via Paypal. (Duration time of refund depends on process of Paypal) 

In case of cancellation for join trip / private transfer. If you cancel more than 24 hours before the trip date, we will not charge anything.  But if you are no show person or cancel trip  / transfer on spot, 100% will be charged. If you book by inquiry form and did not pay yet, we must have to charge you at the hotel for cancellation fee 100% too.

Thank you very much for booking services with Sky Samui Tour.